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photos Bulgaria

30th August 2001. Derelict communist factory near Vidin.

30th August 2001. Resting after a long climb out of the Danube valley, Dobri Dol.

30th August 2001. Beautiful views over the Balkan Range, near Drenovec.

30th August 2001. Abandoned bridge near Brusarci!

30th August 2001. Near Brusarci.

30th August 2001. Is it a plane, is it a bird... NO! it's Andy of course!

30th August 2001. The Balkan Range, near Berkovitsa.

30th August 2001. On the main Road into the capital Sofia!

2nd September 2001. The famous Rila Monastery, Rila.

3rd September 2001. 1300th Anniversary Monument in need of repair, Sofia.

4th September 2001. Meeting the British Ambassador to Bulgaria, Richard Stagg.

4th September 2001. Our hosts in Sofia Tony and Sabina.

4th September 2001. The British Embassy Garden trampoline, just had to try it!

5th September 2001. Finally leaving Sofia, but we'll return!

5th September 2001. Staying with a friends family in Velingrad.

6th September 2001. The Hemus carpet factory, near Velingrad.

6th September 2001. A Hemus carpet ready for the Goodwood Estate, UK.