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photos Romania

27th August 2001. One of many carts on the road, near Lugoj.

27th August 2001. Cows have many uses! Near Orsova.

27th August 2001. A communist “Statue of Liberty” overlooking Orsova.

28th August 2001. A better horn than Matt's! Drobeta Tu. Se.

28th August 2001. Fishing on the Danube, Near Drobeta Tu. Se.

28th August 2001. Fishing on the Danube 2, Near Drobeta Tu. Se.

29th August 2001. A typical Romanian side street, Cujmir.

29th August 2001. A friendly family offering us home made wine! Cujmir.

29th August 2001. On the Ferry over the Danube to Vidin, from Calafat.