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photos Germany

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3rd August 2001. Aachen city centre architecture.

3rd August 2001. Matt and Friends in Aachen.

4th August 2001. An afternoon snooze, Prüm.

4th August 2001. One of many wind turbines we passed. Near Bitburg.

4th August 2001. Passing the Mosel River, Trier.

4th August 2001. Roman architecture in Trier.

5th August 2001. Climbing the steep Mosel valley side at Mehring.

6th August 2001. Crossing the Rhein near Germersheim.

7th August 2001. Urban cycle paths in Stuttgart.

7th August 2001. The largest church spire in Europe, Ulm.

8th August 2001. We are home! English phone box in Schwabmünchen.

10th August 2001. Friends and Family in the Hofbräuhaus, München.

10th August 2001. Adrian's girlfriend Helen in the Hofbräuhaus, München.

11th August 2001. Adrian's Dad Mike and Hugo off for a ride in München.

14th August 2001. A Hazy day overlooking Chiemsee.

14th August 2001. A Hazy day overlooking Chiemsee (2).

14th August 2001. The beautiful border town of Burghausen.

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