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photos Pakistan

26th December 2001. Street life in central Quetta.

26th December 2001. More street life in central Quetta.

26th December 2001. And more street life in central Quetta!

26th December 2001. Camels are part of everyday life in Baluchistan, Quetta.

26th December 2001. Local kids, Quetta.

26th December 2001. Cleaning teeth before boarding the overnight train to Karachi.

27th December 2001. Pakistan is a world apart from Iran - stray cows are everywhere! Rohri train station, where we changed for a train to Lahore.

28th December 2001. Open air barber, Lahore.

29th December 2001. Colourful scenes, Lahore.

29th December 2001. Mad telephone lines erected by the state! Lahore.

29th December 2001. It's a matter of pride. Scrabble game, Lahore.

30th December 2001. The huge Badshahi Mosque in the Punjab fog, Lahore.

30th December 2001. An album cover pose, Lahore Fort.

30th December 2001. The Hall of Private Audience, Lahore Fort.

30th December 2001. Typical Mughal styling, common in most of their buildings including the Taj Mahal. Lahore Fort.

1st January 2002. Kim's gun, made famous by Rudyard Kipling's novel, Lahore.

2nd January 2002. With Pakistan border guards at Wagah.

2nd January 2002. Pakistan border guards at Wagah.