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photos India

2nd January 2002. We are in India! Wagah border crossing.

4th January 2002. The Golden Temple in the Punjab fog, Amritsar.

4th January 2002. Gurus' Bridge, leading to the Golden Temple, Amritsar.

5th January 2002. Typical cycle rickshaw, Amritsar.

5th January 2002. Not Britain's finest hour - up to 2000 Indians were killed indiscriminately by the British army in 1919 at a peaceful independence gathering. Jallianwala Bagh, Amritsar.

7th January 2002. Terraced rice fields on the road up to Dharamshala.

8th January 2002. A Tibetan refugee child, McLeod Ganj.

9th January 2002. That's how to sharpen knives! McLeod Ganj.

9th January 2002. Us with the Indian Himalayas behind, McLeod Ganj.

9th January 2002. Us again with the Indian Himalayas behind, McLeod Ganj.

9th January 2002. Tibetan prayer flags, McLeod Ganj.

16th January 2002. Early morning mist climbing out of a deep valley near Bilaspur.

17th January 2002. One of the many landscaped waterfalls at Ned Chand's Rock Garden, Chandigarh.

20th January 2002. Overlooking the Rajpath to a Secretariat, New Delhi.

20th January 2002. India Gate, Rajpath, New Delhi.

21st January 2002. There is a crowd surrounding this cow because a westerner is taking a picture of it, not because it is sitting right outside the Town Hall gates in Old Delhi!

22nd January 2002. The impressive red sandstone fort at Agra.

22nd January 2002. I think you'll know this one! Taj Mahal, Agra.

22nd January 2002. Those cows get everywhere! Even at the Taj!

22nd January 2002. Beautiful Marble work, Taj Mahal.

22nd January 2002. Urdu scripture surrounds the the tomb entrance, Taj Mahal.

22nd January 2002. The eastern framing building, Taj Mahal.

22nd January 2002. Looking out to the Yamuna river from the Taj Mahal.

22nd January 2002. One of the reasons Agra is so annoying - persistent street sellers.

22nd January 2002. Taken through a solid marble perforated wall, Fatehpur Sikri - once the capital of the Mughal empire, near Agra.

22nd January 2002. A local girl near Fatehpur Sikri.

25th January 2002. Market scenes by a river near Moradabad.